Hytiva Cannabis Delivery

Cannabis delivery has become an invaluable service in for consumers in the cannabis industry. With the legalization of cannabis, a whole new industry was created; similar in many ways to others, but requiring additional attention to safety, health, and medical needs in addition to greater transport security.

Hytiva® Cannabis Delivery is a blend of traditional delivery services with innovative new technology to support the complex cannabis delivery regulations in each jurisdiction where cannabis delivery is legal. Hytiva provides all the tools you need to operate an efficient, profitable, and customer service oriented cannabis delivery service for your dispensary.

Own A Dispensary?

Hytiva can save your dispensary time and money with our technology:

  • Stop typing and retyping your menus on multiple websites and your menu boards
  • Get more time to focus on your customers and give them more information about your products
  • Stop fighting with integrations by using our complete solutions, that bring your data where you need it
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